If You Want to Be A Rock Star By Age 25…

Jimi Hendrix

I recently sat transfixed for two hours watching a biography of Jimi Hendrix and shocked that I knew so little about this musical genius. His audiences had the great joy of experiencing a raw, natural entertainer who hadn’t been packaged, made-over, or focus-grouped into mediocrity.

Here’s what I learned about becoming a legend by age 25:

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Are You Ready for the Summer?

Straw hat , book and seashells on the beach with people walkingSummer vacation shouldn’t be like the old days when you couldn’t wait to escape the mind-crushing drudgery of your job. My hope for you as a small business owner is that you love your work and the service it offers to others, so when summer comes, you don’t need to run away from it.

Try these strategies to make the most of a hot summer without letting the momentum of your business cool down.

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3 Quick, Easy, and Cheap Ways to Do Your Own Market Research


If you aren’t spending any money on marketing, you should be. How much? The Small Business Administration recommends you allocate 7-8% of your budget for marketing expenses. But some consumer products might require up to 20%.

So how do you know if you’re “doing it right”? Don’t depend on media salespeople to reassure you, find out for yourself.

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To Deal or Not to Deal (Daily)?

lmad-curtainWho doesn’t love a good deal? Services like Groupon, Living Social, and now Google make it easy to find a cut-rate meal, manicure, or ┬ámassage. But should retailers be using these Daily Deal offers? Or are they setting themselves up for eventual disaster? There is plenty of material out there to convince you of both arguments.

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Five Things I Learned Today About Twitter

Just got done listening to an amazing Teleconference from TCG (the Theater Communications Group) about using Twitter for theater groups. The speaker was Callie Kimball (@calindrome). She was great!

I’m going to have to listen to the teleconference again to get it all, but so far, here are the top 5 ideas I will use today when I Twitter.

1. Be “super authentic.” Even if you posted a photo, your followers are still dealing with an entity. Stay away from anything phony, pushy, or fake. Good example of an authentic voice(s): @backstage5thAve

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Do You REALLY Need a Newsletter?

bored readingDo me a favor. Start with “NO.”

There are too many newsletters out there and I just finished reading one of the WORST ever. It looked great (they used one of those neat-o professional templates), but when I started reading, I became appalled — and then angry. The copy was poorly written, unclear, cluttered, and just plain BORING. They took me from interested to embarrassed for them to pissed that my time was being wasted in five seconds.

It had “we have to do this cuz everyone else has a newsletter” written all over it.

Newsletters can be a great way to build a stronger relationship with your customers/audience/donors, but is it really right for you now?

PLEASE, ask some questions first:

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The Generation Gap May Fill Your Pipeline

generation gapYou hear it all the time (I hope). Some marketing expert tells you to KNOW YOUR TARGET CUSTOMER. Honestly, that target moves about as fast as the latest iPod model becomes obsolete. The best thing you can do is keep up with the latest demographic research so you can make informed decisions about your business for now.

Today’s big news? We now have the largest generation gap since the 1960s.

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